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Pink Bourbon Natural

Pink Bourbon Natural

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The natural process adds rich complexity to the fruity and fresh character bourbon coffees are known for. Laura Mejia, our quality analyst in Colombia processed this pink bourbon lot. 

The Pink Bourbon varietal is an extremely rare hydrid of red and yellow bourbon. It's a difficult hybrid to grow and to isolate to ensure the trees fruit pink. The recessive gene is easily pushed aside resulting in new trees with red or yellow fruit. It also presents significant challenges for farmers and pickers as it can be very challenging to correctly identify perfectly ripe cherry on the tree. With proper cultivation and training the pink bourbon varietal provides outstanding results. 

Due to it’s natural processing, this coffee is quite different to the washed – you’ll find more fruit flavours of strawberries, peach and pomegranate, followed by a velvety finish.

The coffee cherries are collected in the indicated maturation. Cherries are fermented in a special barriels with control temperature for 36 hours with no water. Barrels are closed but not seals in order to generate an aerobic fermentation.

TASTING NOTES: Strawberry, Peach, Pomegranate


PRODUCER: Laura Mejia

VARIETAL: Pink Bourbon

REGION: Pitalito, Huila, Colombia

ELEVATION: 1,750 masl

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