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Mujeres de Colombia - Women led project

Mujeres de Colombia - Women led project

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Our house single origin espresso which embodies our women led project programme comes from Huila, Colombia. A coffee with a distinct character. Bright sparkling citric acidity reminiscent of orange and peach is complemented with caramel notes. Its velvety and chocolaty body along with a long refreshing finish make it an all-day, everyday coffee.




ALTITUDE: 1,750 - 1,850 MASL

This is a blend of exceptional coffees from a very small group of women producers from the Huila region in Colombia, who we met in our sourcing trips to the region in early 2022. The fertile lands and mild climate, combined with strong dedication from these women producers, result in a unique cup profile.

For this lot, ​we selected microlots of three women's coffee growers as they showcase the flavour profile that is typical of the region; rich, complex and fruity. Due to the small yield of most of these farms, we decided to combine several small lots which share the same characteristics and quality in order to create an outstanding women's lot which is perfect for a sweet espresso and also great as a filter.

Amar Cafe Global started working with Mujeres de Colombia in early 2022 after seeing the excitement of these farmers to produce high quality coffee. Since then, we have implemented diverse training projects, working with them to help maximise the potential of their coffees.

The farmers who contributed to this women's lot are; Ana Miriam Munoz from finca El Recuerdo, who produced 40% of this blend, she has dedicated all her life to coffee, from her we've learned the true love and passion for coffee. Sandra Rivera from finca Filo Verde produced 30% of this blend, she is the second generation of coffee in her family, she has a sustainable farm where she also grows fruits and vegetables. Lorena Munoz Castro is the youngest woman who contributed to this lot with 30% of the coffees, her young spirit brings a new approach to the blend, she processes her own coffees and experiments with new techniques that brings a unique cup profile. High quality for them means reducing the number of defects that come from origin. They achieve this through specialized tree care, picking only ripe cherries, the constant improvement of beneficio techniques, as well as investing back into farm infrastructure. 

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