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Natural Bourbon Carbonic Maceration

Natural Bourbon Carbonic Maceration

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This is our brand new roast of delicious coffee from Finca Recinas in Pitalito, Huila. Produced by Alejandro Ortiz, who has become well know in the industry for his forward thinking approach to coffee processing and this lot is blown minded complex and tropical. Taste like mango, peach and rum. 

The natural process adds rich complexity to the frutal and tropical character Bourbon coffees are known for. 

We met Alejandro back in March 2022, since then we have been fascinated for the complexity of his coffees, the ways he harvest them and the unique processes he applies. Alejandro is the first generation of his family to produced coffee of this quality, with his wife's and children help he transformed the old farm his parent left him to what it is now. 

He learned everything by try and error. In his farm, which is in a 1,800 altitude he grows bourbon, geishas and castillos. He then process each varietal accordingly to preserve the best of each one. He has experimented with various methods but the start are the natural processes.  

This lot was rested for 48 hours after picking to allow the fermentation to begin. The cherries were then placed in sealed tanks for 200 hours with CO2 added to create an anoxic environment. After this period of carbonic maceration, water and microorganisms were added to the coffee to enhance its own tasting notes. The coffee is finally dried slowly on raised beds and the temperature was monitored to ensure it was kept below 35º C. Excessive high temperatures during drying can be detrimental to the quality and longevity of coffee.

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