Amar Cafe Global

Amar Cafe Global

Amar Cafe Global is a natural extension of our company. In 2022 we launched our sister export company in Colombia which began the quest to source outstanding Colombian coffee from small farmers, determined to reward passion and recognize excellence. 

With teams on the ground as well as our import operations in the UK, we control the supply chain from the farm to the roasters, being able to efficiently deliver a wide selection of Colombian coffees profiles to satisfy any coffee roasters needs, from single-origin with a unique story or an exotic microlot with exciting flavours. 

We have chosen to work primarily with small-holder farmers, as these farmers tend to consistently produce some of the best coffees available. 

We hold a very privileged position within the industry, we not only roast, brew, and serve exceptional coffee; we also source at origin, export and import, all of these honouring the remarkable work of the farmers and the coffee community as a whole. 

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